Elon Musk Decries Relationship With Twitter: I'm Out For A While

Elon Musk Decries Relationship With Twitter: I'm Out For A While


Elon Musk, the world's second richest person, has announced that he will stop using Twitter, which he uses extremely actively, for a while. The famous billionaire did not explain why he left the platform or when he would return.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is one of the business people who uses Twitter most actively, with close to 45 million followers. Musk, who managed to make a big impact on the market with every sentence he created, had previously accidentally caused a company called Signal to gain value, adding #bitcoin to his description to increase the value of cryptocurrency.

The famous billionaire announced hours earlier that he had decided to leave Twitter, where he is extremely active, for a while. “I'm off Twitter for a while, " he said on his Twitter account."it is not known why Musk, who shared a written tweet, took such a decision.

This isn't the first time he's left Twitter

Musk's shares, which had previously tweeted about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and GameStop events, had begun to not only affect people, but mobilize them. Musk, who stated that he is a supporter of bitcoin, observed a 15% increase in the bitcoin market after putting a bitcoin tag on Twitter, and the famous billionaire admitted that he was late for the Bitcoin train on the ClubHouse app, he should have invested 8 years ago.

Musk has previously decried Twitter, even saying he would delete his account. However, Musk could not stay away from the platform for long, and he tweeted again 2 days after his announcement. Musk, who has been extremely active and engaged in productive exchanges, has yet to explain why he made such a decision and how long he will be away from Twitter. Musk's new decision isn't taken very seriously when you look at previous examples, and many people think the famous billionaire will be back on Twitter soon.

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