SpaceX Takes New Starship Prototype To Launch Pad

SpaceX Takes New Starship Prototype To Launch Pad


According to shared photos, SpaceX has taken its Starship sn9 rocket to the launch pad, where it will soon begin flight tests. When the test will be carried out will depend a little on covid-19 measures. 

In a news that we have shared with you in recent weeks, we said that SpaceX conducted a high-altitude flight test with a starship rocket with serial number 8, the rocket exploded, hitting the ground at the end of the test, despite this, Elon Musk considered the test “successful”.

SpaceX has already begun preparing Starship SN8 for a high-altitude flight test just two weeks after Starship Sn9 exploded. SpaceX has taken its new starship prototype to the launch pad and is beginning preparations for the next test, according to dan Michael Baylor.

SpaceX goes on Countdown for tests of Starship Sn9

Elon Musk stated that the test was successful after the explosion of Starship SN8, saying, “we got all the data we needed.” It seems that SpaceX has all the information about where they really succeeded and where they had problems, and is now starting the countdown for the next test.

Despite everything, there is no firm date for when SpaceX will conduct a high-altitude flight test of Starship Sn9. However, due to the tightening COVID-19 measures in the US, it is unlikely that the test will be carried out before the new year. As Starship will play a key role in human travel to Mars, work on the new giant rocket is being closely monitored by all space agencies, especially NASA.

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