Do You Know Your Social Score and personal credit score

Do You Know Your Social Score and personal credit score


At first, The Social Score, which began to be trialled in China, will start to be mandatory in the country from 2020.

So, what is this,

Social Score;

• Benefits,

• Harms,

• Community expectation,

• What will work,

• In which areas will be available for our use,

the variety of questions is quite large.

Country structured plan,

Citizens of the country will be given a personal credit rating.

In light of the data to be obtained, it will be decided by Big Data about its use in other countries.

Social Score study,

It is closely related to what individuals do in digital technology, virtual media and the environment in which they interact.

History of the social credit system,

Charles Booth studies economic and social conditions in London.

In the UK, the system is intended to increase purchasing power.

The system structured in China has nothing to do with the work done in London.

Citizens ' personal credit rating,

It consists of a scoring system.

It is divided into 4 categories.

A, b, c, and D as the classification is being made.

A, 1050 scoring and above,

D, scoring 599 and six.

In the social scoring app, every citizen will be subject to scoring at every moment of life.

Social score and personal credit rating,

The positive and negative behaviors and deeds that you live and do in your life will determine your Social Score.

The grades you receive will be decided by looking at your personal credit rating and social score in cases related to the work and issues you want to do.

Social Score and personal credit rating application,

• With the application structured in which areas, you will receive credit notes,

• How it will affect your living conditions.

The Social Score, which will determine your personal living standards, will be accredited by uploading it to your mobile phones.

Such a development of the Global arena and the rise of digital technology will affect us positively and negatively.

The most important thing we need to know is that we will be under surveillance at any moment.

In China, trials and tests are carried out.

It is not yet known if this practice will make the transition to countries around the world.

I think that as much as we people who live in the world accept this practice, it will be a different topic of discussion.

Every country that signs technological developments always has a say in the commercial global arena with the rises it has achieved.

Country societies are also free to apply and not apply the developments within themselves.

Digital developments have deeply affected and will continue to affect all countries of the world.

Deep-rooted integration with artificial intelligence has led global companies to different changes.

We carefully observe developments in the digital technology and artificial intelligence industries.

What we need to know is how we humans can get maximum efficiency from these technologies with new technologies that will come after these technologies.

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